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Eduroam Users

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What is Eduroam?

Eduroam is a global network service that allows WiFi access using existing higher education credentials at participating universities. As a participant, the University of Mississippi invites campus visitors from other Eduroam-enabled universities to choose the eduroam network and log-in with their home university credentials. Additional infomation about the network can be found in our technews article.

Who can use the Eduroam network?

Visitors from other universities that participate in Eduroam are allowed to connect using their home university credentials. All campus visitors are bound by the IT Appropriate Use Policy.

Can a WebID holder use the Eduroam network?

UM students and employees can use their WebID to access all ‘eduroam’ networks provided by other eduroam enabled universities. You must enter your email address in the full form of ‘’ to connect. If you are unable to connect and are sure your credentials are correct, please contact LOCAL campus technical support for assistance. Be aware of any policies of the university you are visiting for any local network restrictions.

Eduroam should only be used when you are a guest at another participating university. A WebID will not connect to the Eduroam network on the UM campus.

Where is the Eduroam network available?

To see a detailed list of all US institutions check out the map. And for a more complete look at all of the worldwide Eduroam hotspot locations visit the map.

How do I connect?

Look for eduroam in the available wireless networks while on campus, enter your EDU email address and password, and connect! You may be asked to accept a certificate in order to connect… don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe to do so. The ‘eduroam’ connection should only need to be setup once on a device. After this it will automatically connect whenever it is in range of another eduroam enabled location. If you are unable to connect and are sure your username and password are correct, please contact the IT Helpdesk for assistance.