Standard Access

Web Authentication | OleMiss Network

Web-Auth ScreenshotThe 'OleMiss' network offers basic access for all user and device types, and requires authentication upon each connection. To use this network, open any Internet browser on your device and it will automatically redirect to the page shown to the right. Then enter your valid WebID or sponsored Guest Email and password to log in.

Secure Access is available on the 'OleMiss_v2' network and it provides the fastest downloads and automatic connections. All faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to choose v2 instead.

Guests Access is welcome on the 'OleMiss' network. Simply ask any person you are visiting to sponsor an account for you, then use your email address to log in.

Specialty Devices that do not have an Internet browser or have limited browsing capabilities may connect to the 'OleMiss' network if they are approved and registered.

Logging out of 'OleMiss' is recommended when using public computer labs or leaving personal devices unattended. To log out of a wireless session go to '' and click the button.